Kliq movie is live

The Kliq movie is live!

We founded Kliq as meeting people via the internet and at networking oriented events has changed our lives in positive ways that are impossible to quantify while these methods are not often used by many of our best friends and dear families for a variety of reasons we intend to fix. Along the way we realized that Kliq could also help us keep in more meaningful contact with those very people we care about most. Download the app at http://kliq.in.

I am extremely proud of the work my cofounder Michael Craig, myself, and the larger Kliq family have done thus far. I’m even more proud about where we are taking Kliq next, making it easier than ever to interact with people, friends, acquaintances, and potential new best friends, business partners, etc. at events you are already RSVPing to.

Some of my crazy-awesome colleagues at the Institute for Theoretical Physics have hobbies like running ultra-marathons, climbing mountains, designing new role playing games, and even tumbling rocks. My hobbies are largely programming oriented.

Some of my crazy-awesome fellow startup founders have hobbies like flying planes, modeling, exotic travel, and even additional startups. My hobby is discovering new secrets of the universe via huge numerical simulations.

I’m amazingly lucky to have only hobbies, even though I work constantly. It’s a privilege I only dreamed of as a kid, when I thought I should be so lucky to have a job that would let me read for an hour or two a day. Even though what I’m reading is pretty different than what I imagined as a child, technical documentation, numerical relativity textbooks, the newest results in astrophysics on the arXiv, I am so lucky. Here’s to what’s next with Kliq, and my other (ad)ventures.

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