I am obsessed with using Obsidian for taking notes, and I have two sets, one for personal notes, and one for professional notes. Obsidian allows for markdown notes, with easy hyperlink, folder, and attachment support. For my personal notes, I’ve been delighted to find a way to easily share them with the world.

This week I also tried out using Obsidian Publish for the first time, meaning that I now have the ability to easily convert my personal notes into published musing. Check out my new site at: www.corbettnotes.com. I will still update codexgalactic.com but will reserve that for more formal writing.

My Obsidian powered www.corbettnotes.com will essentially take some of my personal notes and make them visible to more people, so they will be more in the weeds, including occasional wrong turns, as I stumble through discovering and recording what works for me.

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