0 thoughts on “My principles of teaching #1-10”

  1. Thanks for sharing this – as a teacher I enjoyed reading through your principles as you posted them on twitter.
    I think the hardest part is #5 – it’s not always easy to pay attention to your behavior while you’re teaching. And I also believe that you always do stuff you never notice yourself.

    I do not understand what you mean with #6.

    1. Thanks for following. By #6 I mean that it is fine and in fact in many cases appropriate to not answer a question or address an issue during lecture (if it is for example a side track of the main point or more involved) and that it’s a good idea to keep “let’s discuss this after class”, or “I’ll send out detailed notes on that subject for those interested” in the arsenal of options. This goes hand in hand with #4, in that if you promise to address something later you have to be organized and follow through.

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