Scientific Paper Reading, Voxcharta, Excellent Notation

I use the Stay Focused Chrome extension to block WordPress, Google Reader, Hacker News, Twitter and Facebook at work, beyond 2 minutes of aggregate usage. I’ve been very pleased with the results, but enjoy being able to tweet a bit whilst I work. As such I use the Python Twitter Tools from the command line. Never has procrastinating just the right amount by musing about work to the internet looked more like real work itself! Some samples from today:

What about you? Sound off in the comments.

Apparently the answer is:

In the morning I check

scanning for a variety of tidbits. It’s very easy to get bogged down in a project with technical details for a few days, trying to finish a calculation, find a bug, polish a set of plots or start a setup. I try to spend at least the first 30 minutes of the day taking in the big picture with my research, and an afternoon a week. The arXiv routine is one part of that.


Phygg was a great learning experience; in retrospect I definitely should have built on wordpress as well, and focused just on getting local adoption. Glad someone has done it better! After doing a bit of recognizance, in which I figured out how to arbitrarily upvote papers (which has since been disabled) I’m working with the author of the site to develop a bookmarklet, which will let anyone browsing an arXiv paper vote the paper up on voxcharta in a click of a button.

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