NASA Space Apps Challenge 2013

687474703a2f2f662e636c2e6c792f6974656d732f3069316b33583032334b30753139314b335730722f494d475f313539372e504e47As in 2012, I participated in the NASA Space Apps Challenge Hackathon, this time as a participant rather than an organizer. I arrived a bit late from Zurich to the EPFL in Lausanne, and Frederic Jacobs, another veteran iOS dev asked what I was working on before I had more than a moment to think. I had spent the previous week powering through a great textbook on Orbital Mechanics, so I had launch windows, rockets, and orbits on the brain. Moreover, while I have created and deployed mobile apps ranging from text readers, to social media, to augmenting phone functionality, I’d never created a game. I like hackathons as a chance to try something new, so I told Frederic I was interested in making a game exploring Orbital Mechanics concepts. Frederic was sold and has built games before, so he was a great co-hacker to have. We created a simple game with a great design, that could be expanded on. Frederic says

The gameplay is meant to be very straight forward. At the bottom of the screen there is a big red button to launch a rocket. A rocket takes off and then the user needs to find a good orbital altitude to launch the satellite. Once the rocket gets at the desired altitude, the user swipes the screen with a certain direction and intensity (length of the swipe).

You can see more and our github here:

We won one of the local awards and the app was eligible for judging by’s‘s foundation as part of his sponsorship of one of the hackathon’s challenges “Reach for the Stars”: to educate children about space via an app.

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  1. Wow, RendezVous looks awesome! Do you happen to have a video showing off the functionality? We would love to take a look. Thanks for your participation in the Space Apps Challenge, it was great to see so many people from around the world participate.

    Sean Herron
    Space Apps Core Team

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