Cozy Bachelorette Party Games With No Supplies Required

bacheloretteI’ve had the pleasure of planning a low key bachelorette party for two close friends of mine, both getting married to long time partners in a non or only partially traditional manner. While fully traditional in themselves, I think bachelorette parties are a great idea even outside of the traditional wedding plan. Both of these friends naturally had a lot on their minds, logistical and otherwise, leading up to their weddings and a bachelorette party is a great way to have a night out where someone else does the planning, and all their closest friends are there to hear them out and support them in this life change. For both these friends I first touched base whether they would enjoy a bachelorette party at all, who they might want to come along, and whether they were free the proposed night in question. It wasn’t a complete surprise but I wanted them not to have to think about any more logistics than they already surely had to deal with.

For the first party I organized we had a full lazy afternoon/evening so we went to a spa and then out for some drinks.

For the second, due to time constraints and the fact that most of us were on the same sports team (Roller Derby), we had it after a scrimmage. After a long day of training we got drinks and food and to make it seem more like a bachelorette party (while our team is all women a few men–refs and non skating officals-were attending) I decided we should play some bachelorette party style games. It took a bit of googling to find fun ones that were neither too traditional nor required a lot of supplies. Here are the three we played, over 3 hours and several rounds of drinks, which were a big hit and did not require more than one pen and one piece of paper for 20 people to play

  1. “Truth or Dare”, group style: We started this game as soon as we arrived and got our first round of drinks and took an intermission for dinner. Rip the piece of paper into smaller pieces, one per person. Pass the pen around and each person writes a “Truth” or a “Dare” on it. The papers are then mixed in the center. Starting with the Bride-To-Be pick a paper, and if it’s a truth answer it and if it’s a dare, do it. Let the person who just picked up the paper choose the next person, until everyone has done a truth or dare. As our bachelorette party was after a sports match, a lot of the dares were related to the sport! Was a great game to involve everyone and break the ice and people really seemed to have fun.
  2.  “I have never”: Now that the ice has been broken and everyone has been fed, it’s time to start a game that involves a bit more openness and a bit of drinking. Here everyone goes in a circle and names something they’ve never done, any one who has indeed done that thing has to take a drink. It’s a great way to get to know people a bit more, and potentially add more of the traditional naughtiness of a bachelorette party, and requires no supplies. We actually had so much fun we did a few rounds.
  3.  “Most likely to”: This game was the final game we had time to play. For this game again start with the bride and have her choose a question “Who at the table is most likely to…”, she asks the question, lets everyone think, and counts to three. On the count of three everyone points to the person they think is most likely. Anyone who is pointed to has to drink, and the person who gets the most “points” wins, and gets to decide the next question. This game was a bit harder to think of questions for I found, so a list of sample questions was useful. I pulled one up on my phone and passed it around, check here for some inspiration, questions included everything from Appear on a reality show to Help you move.

In summary, here are three games with a suggested order that can be played by a large group in a public space, who don’t necessarily all know each other, with little preparation and few supplies. The games keep the traditional bachelorette party spirit while still being fun and low risk. Enjoy and congratulations to the brides to be in your life, no matter what they think of a traditional wedding having a committed special partner in their lives is truly a privilege!

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  1. My friend is getting married in about a year and isn’t into the whole “traditional” bachelorette party ideas. What she is into, however, are murder mystery parties. There’s a company that travels and does the events so us in the bridal party are looking into having them at the party rather than taking her to a club she’ll hate.

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